"Graditude" Meals - Resumes Fall 2018

Meal Prep for Evening Academics in Brookland DC

Fresh, delicious meals that support academic focus are delivered before class. After a hard day at work, you deserve to come to class with peace of mind knowing a delicious, minimally processed meal waits for you at school. 

The standard dinner includes a healthy, scrumptious entree with greens (salad or cooked). 

A la carte food items are also available and includes daily specials on infused filtered water, sweet treats and green smoothies.  

"Graditude" Dinner - $12

Green Smoothie du jour - $5

Dinner & Smoothie $16

How it works

  1. Order and Pay by 6pm the evening before class. 
  2. Pickup Meal in lobby at 6:15pm. 

Note: Exclusively available to students and faculty at Trinity Washington University.


Summer Term Menu - Thursdays ONLY

June 14th  - Jerk Jackfruit over Trinidadian Brown Rice and Peas, Simple Salad w/ Mango-Lime Dressing

Infused Water: Hibiscus Ginger Water

Sweets: Mueller Cookies

Green Smoothie: Piña Colada

June 21st - Curry Chickpeas over Brown Rices w/ Steamed Greens

Infused Water: Lemon Basil 

Sweets: Mueller Cookie

Green Smoothie: Mango Lassi 

June 28th - Veggie Stir-Fry over Quinoa w/ Sautéed Baby Bok Choy & dumplings

Infused Water: Lemongrass Mint

Sweets: Lemon Cookie

Green Smoothie: Spinach, Asian Pear, Ginger

July 4th - BBQ Jackfruit over Brown Rice w/ Steamed Kale and a side of Coleslaw

Infused Water: Lavender Lemonade

Sweets: Peach Turnovers

Green Smoothie: Red, White and Kale

July 12th - Eggplant & Mushrooms in Groundnut Soup over Brown Rice w/ Steamed Collards

Infused Water: Watermelon Mint

Sweets: Fried Plantains

Green Smoothie: Peachy Clean

July 19th - Fresh n' Fried: Latin Layered Salad w/ Cilantro-Lime Dressing and Tortas

Infused Water: Cucumber Lemon Mint

Sweets: Rum Vanilla Bundt Cake

Green Smoothie: Pina Colada