Discover simplicity in plant-based culinary experiences

Weekly Meal Prep

Starting Fall 2018! Wholesome, delicious culinary creations that last for the work week. 5-meal and 10-meal plans available. 3 cultural meals to choose from. 

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"Graditude" Meals

A unique meal prep for evening academics. No more last-minute food-stops before class. No more vending machine dinners during break time. Eat smart for brainpower.  Currently serving the Brookland DC area.  Find out more!

Demo Cooking Parties or Workshops

Host a plant-based demo brunch or dinner cooking demonstration at home, in the office for an event. Find out more!

Boutique Catering

Offer artisan food that is tailored for your special event. Contact us for more info.  

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We can show you what to do with those dried beans!